The frustrations to prove amidst constant challenges

Souls that does not have the leisure to breathe with freedom

Unequivocally the chorus of expectations inhibits growth

Unnatural challenges are thrown at unassuming minds

Moulded into a crucible to sufficiently fill with insufficient information

Intransigent debates emanate from the irregular facets of mind

Awakened, but unaware of the erroneous views of the obdurate world

Even before thoughts can develop and mature with time

Innermost conflicts transform into raging battles of survival

Knowledge becomes an adversary and too heavy a burden to carry

Faulty notions take root and create a mesh of entangled life

Now the boundaries have been fortified and there is no escape©

2 thoughts on “Pursuit

  1. A very thought provoking poem , with every word bringing in several circles of meanings and throwing light on the traps that occur when intellect gets tangled.
    Knowledge does become an adversary , that only those who pursue knowledge realize ! We get moulded in to crucibles to fill insufficient spaces , I love this powerful expression of scapegoating of brilliance that is not even allowed to develop , nor mature , chorus of expectations definitely inhibit growth . A precocious prophesy that follows and inner most conflicts transform in to battles of survival , amazing depth of observation of this tragedy . Unnatural challenges are unjust , yet thrown at the sensitive intelligence that finally fortifies its boundaries and can not escape its own heavy burden of faulty notions…….. I can cry for this sort of brilliance that is envied , assaulted and becomes its own enemy.

    Brilliant poem . Congratulations !


    1. Thank you so much for this brilliant and insightful comment.

      We have no idea how to develop and guide the intellect. Regular education does not encourage mindfulness and there is vague comprehension of life and leads to psychological turmoil.

      Once this mind is explored and the true potential is used in a positive way, can we dream of a better world.

      My writings explore these unknown and neglected facets of life and I try to put it across for consideration. Hopefully, they will be of some help. We need a secure future where vibrant and positive minds can enhance the journey of humanity.

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