Unknown is Known

From the source of unknown me Thoughts flow into this world Names are just an identity ephemeral The ideas are eternal Synchronized with universe’s truth Narratives from the soul matter Truth, gratitude, and humility- real identity Compassion takes me closer to hearts Silence is a powerful language In this anonymity, there’s ultimate revelation Only to revere the eternal nature of Life Identified by the truth … Continue reading Unknown is Known

Still Flows Tranquil

The sleek stream flows quietly, a sensuous reflection  Slithering across the landscape inspired by nature’s tunes Of unknown origin and ageless, many stories are secrets Must have witnessed many human emotions unfold in quiet So many confessions have flowed to ease the pain Satiated the parched souls of wanderers and travelers Reflecting the various hues of nature, soul’s manifestations Nature’s idle dreamers find reassurance in … Continue reading Still Flows Tranquil

In Stillness

Sit still, and allow the body to rest for a while Tired from the excessive communication through kinesics Let the mind contemplate future wanderings Unnecessary movements distort the rhythm of feelings Prepare to communicate in truthful silence Illuminate the dim labyrinths to explore beyond boundaries Walk and wander without the inhibitions  When entire world is shrouded by ambiguous thoughts Eyes will have to close to remain … Continue reading In Stillness