It’s a tough task salvaging the descending dreams Weak from constant exposure to lies and crafty narratives Slowly sliding away with the forces of life, weakening the mind Words of intellect are perceived to be a diatribe against popular notions Why heed the practical and realistic censure to improve life? Darkest corners of the mind are active to guide decisions Conniving with a world of … Continue reading Oblivion

Of Paradise

Why treat Earth as an alien land? Our darkest thoughts stifle the benevolent nature Without examining ourselves, incomprehensible we follow Efflux of negativity adulterates the source of Life Our vision tinted and askew fails to visualize its Soul Thoughts shrouded in perpetual doubt manifests purposelessness We never realize that happiness, a feeling, went adrift for long How do we dream of creating a humane goodwill? Not … Continue reading Of Paradise