The Ambiguity

Life’s immortality exists in a mortal body 

There is an ambiguity in the proclamation 

When the consciousness seeks eternity

A shadow of doubt pulls the attention towards the physical

It takes time and eventually the renunciation of that illusion

To believe that we are not adjuncts of this paradise

Looking at life with disregard for the essence of life

Seeds of discrimination sprout and take root 

Living under the weakening shadow of faulty decrees

Being pupils where one learns to compare and misuse the intellect

Life is relegated to the mindless pursuit of accumulations

Worthless pieces of metal and plastic deluge us

Stale ideas require validation through many channels 

In a partnership with life where there are compromises 

Being repetitive with the mistakes being committed 

Naming them as experiences and being vociferous about misadventures

Faults are discarded and the strewn pieces of misfortune are reminders

It’s easier blaming the world without taking responsibility of life

The ambiguity of life directs the mind to waywardness©

8 thoughts on “The Ambiguity

  1. So beautiful! I firmly believe any experience in life, good or bad, is life, move on, accept it, learn from it, it shapes who you are. Also why live life for something afterwards? Why not bring what’s supposedly afterwards to today?
    Just thoughts that arose reading your poem. Thank you.


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    1. Thank you, Jared.

      All relevant questions and thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

      My thoughts- “Learn from the past, live the present, and prepare for the future.”

      Any writing that prompts us to think will allow interaction, and meaningful ideas can bring minds together. This is what we require to bring positive change.


  2. No ambiguity here…
    We live in a time where being lost and consumed is a characteristic that is accepted with tolerance and at times pride..
    Ignorance and loss of responsibility at its height..
    Eloquent yet provoking write!

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    1. Thank you so much, Taruna.

      It feels good that this write resonates with your thoughts and perspectives.

      As a writer, when I present my thoughts these interpretations embolden the ideas and spirit, which can usher positive change in this world.

      Humanity has to realize this and wake up to the truth to contribute to a prosperous future. Thank you always for your support.

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