With New Ideas

A journey from the quill to a pen

Beyond our imagination, the journey

When ink spilled over with misuse

Many edicts bear the signature of hubris

More than a blotch on human endeavor

From papyrus to the blank pages

Sentences across caved in from pressure

Recorded misadventures in memoirs

Many thoughts were a noose for freedom 

Strangulated thoughts and muffled voices

Yet, the might of the pen hasn’t lost meaning

It can be an extension of intellect

Proclaiming the true meanings of humaneness

The nib sparkles with pride and honesty 

Filled with the elixir of true intellect

Words hold the power to obliterate impotent ideas 

New ideas will transform the panoramic views©

8 thoughts on “With New Ideas

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. Writers need this and may we not forget the power of words. The pen can change thoughts and perceptions toward a positive path.
      For writers, it’s a meditation to write, and just write.

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      1. I have a post coming up on Thursday that is really important for me. It centers on horrible discrimination targeted toward Native Americans who first called my state home. It is a different and challenging direction for my writing. I address that theme within my fantasy realm; but the “elixir” of your post came to mind when I was putting this real life piece together. I hope I achieved it with wisdom…

        Thank you always for the inspiration, my friend!

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      2. In any age, even literature has not been spared the ignominy of discrimination. Intellectuals became adversaries, and also changed the social ethos. Society weakens when intellect/mindsets become the ‘evil master’.
        Again, having been cynical for sometime, I can say literature can and will, throughout the ages have made an impact and will continue to do so.
        It is these challenging moments when a writer evolves to deliver the most profound messages.

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      3. It’s not going to bring any sweeping change, but writers have to be optimistic and await a gradual shift.
        And hopefully, more meaningful literature will be written in that endeavor.
        So, writers have to be focused, stay the course and keep delivering the messages.

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