When transformations have gone wrong Highlighting the secret efforts of twilight zone Ruination has coerced the souls to quieten Day’s smiles and evening grandeur are feigned Gated entry to world of boundaries There is no freedom for the trees, birds, and winds Once verdant valleys look misshapen Uninformed sculptors destroyed the natural essence Reconciliation with the unnatural world Aesthetics is a long forgotten philosophy Breathing forcefully within the confines … Continue reading Transformation

Of Spaces and Thoughts

Spare me the square boxes They feel claustrophobic to free thinking Being contemporary does not require conformity More than a curious mind- a seeker of life Wanderings of a free willed soul One who does not define spaces and follow time Quivering of leaves welcomes the breeze Here waits an ardent listener of mystical stories A conscientious mind tries to analyze the truth Solitary steps take … Continue reading Of Spaces and Thoughts