On the Journey

Do not abandon the intrinsic thoughts

Severe ties with the soul and walk off in a trajectory

The body will carry you with brawn and raw zeal

If there are wishes of going miles and miles with clarity

Carry the intellect and expand your consciousness

Rehearse the dialogues with the soul

Impulsive karma provides initial thrill 

But consequences cannot be expunged from fate

Why carry life as a burden?

Posturing in front of distorted reflections with repentance

None does a favor on life by living

Life is a blessing to be accepted with gratitude and simplicity

Memoirs of the Universe does not discriminate- good or bad

Be prepared to read the epilogue with confidence

These words may sound inane to fraudulent intellectualism  

When time is ripe and glorifies indiscretion

Lost in the labyrinth of glamorized incompetence

Do not reprimand the numerous monsters that are nurtured

If that’s the choice to be in the race

So be it, let the shining medal of insufficiency be the pride©


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