Running away from the self, every landscape looks interesting

Waiting eagerly to plan an itinerary to visit as many destinations

To conquer the mountains and kiss the sweetest streams flowing

Quench the parched desires and waiting to revive from the thrill 

Planning every detail of the journey and abandon the camp abruptly 

Attraction of the journey evokes the passion of becoming a traveler

Exhilarating, sensational, and classical desire to vanquish uneasy feelings

When the world within is fraught with debilitating sentiments

There is no escape from the self to find an escape route in travel

Travel within to seek the unexplored landscapes and the neglected universe

Leave the soul unappeased because the stream of life flows feebly

Life is about contentment and the willingness to face true identity

Without the fear of getting lost in the crowd or finding an escape route

No travel with sense of apprehension will provide a sense of satisfaction

So many destinations will merely be dots etched on the memory

The haphazard routes cannot be connected and travel map will look awry

Accept yourself and gain the trust of the world with meditative journey©

2 thoughts on “Travel

    1. If my writing can inspire you in a positive way I am more than happy. It feels wonderful as a writer.
      I wish you a successful journey and hope you write the interesting memoirs from the destinations. Best wishes!


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