The door wooden, with sullen look Guarding the insipid dreams and spiritless life Eyes, oblivious to the light that brightens new day Frosted windows reminiscent of repentant breath  Feeble fingers draw patterns to peek at the world When the race has depleted the vitality of life Inspiring negative energy to afflict the aura When it’s always about the ‘I’ but in comparison Loss of identity … Continue reading Confines

Mirror that Flows

Intriguing, the mirror that flows A face carrying many emotions dissolves Transient reflection reveals the truth Change is on its way, with fresh perspectives New reflection of a different ambiance A friendly apparition communicates with the soul Ripples of emotions from a pulsating core Life flows with relative ease after reconciliation Merriment narrated by the illumined world A mirror that flows shows a new course Revives … Continue reading Mirror that Flows


Breach the limited spaces created for thoughts that are futile Show some resilience and start thinking beyond the conventional  When every possible thought settles in a common cauldron And they lack the power to evoke new dimensions of existence Stay away from popularity and express feeble ideas for recreation Embolden the soul to seek and continue a journey through eternal realms Without being comfortable with … Continue reading Perspective