Breach the limited spaces created for thoughts that are futile

Show some resilience and start thinking beyond the conventional 

When every possible thought settles in a common cauldron

And they lack the power to evoke new dimensions of existence

Stay away from popularity and express feeble ideas for recreation

Embolden the soul to seek and continue a journey through eternal realms

Without being comfortable with the dialogue between you and Universe

Listen carefully to the whispers of the verdant valleys and secret forests

Gain perspective; allow the consciousness to vanquish vexed proposals

There’s light even at the core of darkest worlds if you seek with faith

Prepare your world to receive the most profound knowledge of life

The world that expands with every step you take is ultimate realization©


13 thoughts on “Perspective

    1. Thank you so much, Vivek.
      Only way to increase or learn new vocab is to read a lot and write more. Just pen down your thoughts without worrying what people will think. As a writer do not be afraid to express your feelings. 🙂

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