Traveler’s Chosen Road

The unsure traveler’s feet touched the road with force Deflecting the inner rage of desperation on a concrete road Heavy boots with frayed edges, from many wayward walks Carrying the shameless past of stomping over other’s dreams Sole imprinted with the dirt of various misdemeanors Even the leather has lost its sheen from neglect and suffering Being obedient to care for the feet, in spite of … Continue reading Traveler’s Chosen Road

The Window

A solitary traveler rests; completely blends with the background Constant phases of stillness and flowing tranquility of life’s purpose Prompts the heretic to write the most intimate thoughts of life With words, a panoramic window is framed to present a canvas Taut and crisp feel give a sense of eagerness for feelings to express The writer is in the background, a blurry image is only allowed … Continue reading The Window

The Narrative

The Universe inscribes sacred narratives Mostly they lay undecipherable as we aspire to create reality From antiquity, where there is no relevance of time Space is the fluid world, its depths and expanse unfathomable Core knowledge of life is not happenstance but a perfect idea Communicating the progress to maintain equilibrium Sacred narratives when deciphered by the silence in nothingness Where life has more relevance, and … Continue reading The Narrative