The Window

A solitary traveler rests; completely blends with the background

Constant phases of stillness and flowing tranquility of life’s purpose

Prompts the heretic to write the most intimate thoughts of life

With words, a panoramic window is framed to present a canvas

Taut and crisp feel give a sense of eagerness for feelings to express

The writer is in the background, a blurry image is only allowed

A window created from the narratives is a storytelling wonder

Universe’s voice will recite the words with perfect modulation

A solitary writer becomes visible through the messenger’s description

To any reader, seek to read the soul of a writer from the stories

Knock on the window and allow the fresh perspective to inspire you

Or, linger around the garden with a hope of soul to soul rendezvous©


25 thoughts on “The Window

  1. ‘Taut and crisp feel give a sense of eagerness for feelings to express’
    Your expression is indeed a very good source of inspiration Amitav 🙂 You string these words with such ease it’s just beautiful to read!

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 I am glad, you enjoyed reading this.

      And as a writer, it feels wonderful to be appreciated and also to support all the writer friends work. I believe in encouraging everyone.

      This way we can build a strong community of writers who can contribute to literature. 🙂

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      1. I will one day, only that I don’t get such comments on my blog yet. 😦
        One day, I will grow into a wise old tree and then write like you do!

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