A Solitary Walk and Realization

It was like traveling towards a haven situated somewhere among the mysterious clouds. It has not been named but still looks imposing and evokes respect.

With increasing elevation, the road became precarious and resembled a mythical serpentine creature; winding across the mountains which seemed gravity defying.

Walking on this road was a calling from the Divine world. On closer look, the images and patterns of nature seemed to be the designs of the occult craftsmen. Each design radiant with seraphic beauty lured the imagination into a world of dreams.

Proceeding further into this labyrinth of a dreamy world, preserved from the community of prying and fanatical minds. The steep challenge and the grave look of the mountain facade may have been a plausible deterrent. Also, the mystical power around this area protected it from potential plunderers.

It’s not a brilliant idea, for any civilization to vandalize and bleed nature which can ultimately invite the wrath of the Universe. This place was cloaked in a timeless charm, which looked resplendent in green; its unusual radiance energized the soul.

The body and mind which used to delay this adventure took time to acclimatize to the pure environment; a sense of freedom never felt before. A meditative environment was successful in wiping away the anxiety that felt like a burden.

After some time the body felt lighter, and in spite of the heavy mist, the vision gained clarity to view the world in a new perspective. The rocky facades were perfectly adorned with mossy carpet, Mother Nature’s love for the bare soul.

There’s no looking back now, the cloudy cover and pristine aura of this paradise cast a magical spell on the traveler. Here, nature hummed an incantation that awakened the soul and gave faith to continue with the journey ahead. Echoes of Universe have a secret mantra narrating the purpose of life.

Losing track of time is a revelation as life seems to renew itself with every step. There is no false sense urgency that exists in the fabricated ecosystem of reality, to keep minds busy in a senseless pursuit.

Talking of time and race, one can see snails, quite a few of them; a rare sighting for the city dweller. It’s calming to see these slow moving creatures carrying the entire world in the shell, which is their own creation. Silent and intriguing, mediating in eternal bliss, they have a mysterious aura around them, but provides a sense of comfort.

When one relinquishes unnecessary worries and breaks away from the clutches of Time, even the most challenging paths makes way for the determined traveler.

Taking a lesson from the snails, one ought to build a world with patience and conscious choices in life. Carrying this world around will be a positive experience and will bless the dweller with peace and happiness. The entire Universe will redirect the positive energy to revitalize the soul with a feeling of contentment.

Nature does fill the pores with enthusiasm and every inch of existence experiences eternity when one savors the elixir prepared by the cosmos.

When crowds become distractions and communication turn into a competitive duel, the sharpened swords of blithe intellect severe an unique bond within the ecosystem, it’s time to contemplate a journey to introspect in solitude, away from the negative environment of self-destruction. The loving embrace of nature is a reassurance for life.

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