Convincing Scripts

Counterfeit characters perfectly suited in finery

Measured to perfection to accentuate the body into work of Art

Of exaggerated desires and emotions touching the contours 

Silhouettes transformed into individuals for a convincing role-play

Scripted dialogues, thoroughly rehearsed for perfect pitch and modulation

Under the spotlight, light fills the body with different frequency

Emitting vibrations of an alluring type to seduce the audience

Aura of pretence becomes a phenomenon for the crowd to rejoice

Every possible logic and individuality loses identity in mass euphoria

Cunningly crafted persona hailed as tremendous success of falsification

It’s a deception by choice to carve reality out of a non-existent situation

When fabricated reality is challenged by mirrored reflections

Minds can be lethal and create a distorted imagery that is approved

Tributaries of false realities flow and inundate to endanger originality

It all starts with the simple idea of deceiving to script success©

22 thoughts on “Convincing Scripts

  1. Wow- this is incredibly insightful. I truly appreciate your ability to bring something to light that we all recognize but cannot articulate in our encounters in this life. Thank you for sharing your talent, Amitav!

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    1. Thank you so much, Marie.

      Human psychology and behaviour is worth exploring, the unsaid and when sub-conscious feelings are manifested through body language and actions.

      Every little thought urges the mind to act, for which there are consequences.

      We create and manipulate reality, or rather unaware of ‘reality of reality’ itself, and our perceptions are based on only physical experiences and the stories humanity has created.

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      1. Yes! So well said. Most people are contented on living at the conscious level, but we would understand everything and everyone so much more clearly if we took time to look at the causes (emotional, mental, and physical) instead of always the effects and the clearly seen. Thanks for the thoughts!

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      2. Absolutely. Very well put. We discuss the symptoms/problems but never allow ourselves to comprehend the causes. So much more humanity can achieve if we understood each other well and contributed to this mass consciousness.

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      3. I could not agree more. Perhaps it would help us be more sympathetic and humane toward one another as well. And you are incredibly correct- the efficiency as a human population would be propelled by the ten-fold. All too often philosophy and digging into the “unseen” is seen as foolish, but in truth, it could reveal the root of our weaknesses and therefore provide a resolution to the “seen” issue. It may allow more candid interactions beyond the societally acceptable and expected. I don’t mean to rant- but this post has really got me thinking, thank you for that!

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      4. Oh come on this this not a rant. I love discussing these ideas. And I thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.
        Very true, we have always focused on our limitations and set boundaries for ourselves, which is proving to be our undoing.
        For example, in any field today, we are stuck with clinical approach, rather than humane approach, as you have mentioned. I feel patients can be cured if we listened to them more rather that eagerly administer drugs and of tests. Sometimes the symptoms are more psychological than physical.
        We are not weak, we have the energy and support of this universe which we have not realized because we rely on evidence based theories.
        Philosophy is seen as a lazy man’s pursuit into nowhere, and eternity is scoffed at by naysayers. So philosophers are seen as solitary minds who are just not doing enough.

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      5. Yes! I zealously agree that many medical professionals are far too eager to treat with medicine rather than curing holistically. In this world, people do scoff at those who do not produce something that “benefits” a commercial product to be perfectly blunt. However, if a single idea can tangibly change a person’s life and perspective through identifying their inmost reason for their desires, needs, and weaknesses is that not more significant? The physical element of life is so grossly insignificant to a deeper truth and working within us.

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      6. Yes, you are right on the point. Yes, commercialism, Corporatization, and consumerism have deflected our focus towards mass manufacturing and joining the race to accumulate.
        Rightly said, a single idea that has the power to transform an individual and brings positive change is much more welcome.
        Having said that, lot of people are interpreting philosophy is an erroneous way and relating it to a limited consciousness. So, the scope of discussion narrows down and we do not see new thoughts being propagated in this area.
        Waking up a sleeping mind is more important than waking up everyday as a routine to do repetitive work which are designed for us to survive the race.
        We have made life insignificant by terming it as a race and unnecessary competing against each other, when we should be working collectively to contribute to enhance the life of humanity.

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      7. Exactly! This is why I am so thankful you are here spreading this greatly needed wisdom! I love “waking up a sleeping mind”. I need that reminder myself, because it is so easy to get loss in the mundane routine without contemplating the importance of the quintessential purpose of existence. I am thankful to you for taking the time to shake humanity from it’s rigid routined slumber.

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      8. Thank you so much. Support and patience to understand the thoughts go a long way; and I am thankful that my thoughts are recognized.
        I know there will be a gradual shift and in these matters, it’s difficult to penetrate the mass consciousness to plant positive ideas. The euphoria is intoxicating and people are busy. We talk about individuality, yet, unknowingly we are imitating each other and doing the same things after all. We have the power to choose and so often we fail to realize that and let others/society choose for us.
        I will keep doing my work and I know as I am true to myself, it will reflect in my writing.
        If you wish to read some of my essays on philosophy, I can provide you the link. You can read them whenever you have time. Only if you wish to. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for penning this poem at a time when I am also deeply engrossed in expressing this , success in performing arts catering to animal instincts is a form of irresponsibility . Audience can be educated to appreciate art not deception. A brilliant and sensitive portrayal of truth rather than distortion , like your poetry.

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