Away from Chaos

Few yawns, squinting eyes and lazy moments

Trying to settle down in an untimely reverie

A boisterous world wishes to invade the peace

Disharmony of recalcitrant minds at play

Time to look away after chiding them 

The world of arrogance and passive aggressive ideologies

Journey through catacombs, without an exit route

Wisdom is being caricatured by brilliant ignorant fellows

Time to retire to the world of reverie

Create new labyrinths and tributaries of knowledge

Let’s not waste time in unintelligent debate with unrestrained minds

Combative intentions to annihilate positive reasoning

The lazy moments will help think and ideate

Minds will be shown the way towards productive thinking

Actions will be meaningful and legitimate

Untimely reverie urges the lazy one to retire©


8 thoughts on “Away from Chaos

    1. ha ha ha… good question, Mona.

      Mind wanders always in search of ideas, whenever the words flow they finally rest between the pages. 🙂

      Thank you so much, for your appreciation of my work, it means a lot.

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