When thoughts are riled by constant distractions Once a silent pool of clarity and blissful reflections Disturbing ripples influence the happiness of life Thinking is a passion for wisdom to gain perspectives It has now become a convoluted mission  Mind’s lethargy is palpable in every action of disruption Frayed nerves sound a discordant note  Phoney remedies and branches to alleviate distress Creates life altering experiences in … Continue reading Deviation


Admiration has blurred for the beholder Infighting has created a vicious environment True intentions lay bare, weakened the promise Instead of regret, only lingers strong indifference Constant lies transformed into lethal rapier Here, wounds are deep and bleed silently The meaning of trust obliterated by apathy Animosity vitiated the blood and weakened life Secrets crawl like termites to destroy foundations Waiting for humane feelings to stabilize existence Hopefully, become … Continue reading Precarious

Words and Feelings

Words behave the way you feel Furtive look of subliminal feelings Influences the soul of messengers Cavorting across the mind for a while Impatience cannot be held for long Waiting to breach the confines Merriment flows with the ink Or, even the melancholic feelings Ambivalence reads mysteriously A mind in pursuit of cosmic secrets Messengers spell spiritual wisdom Nurture the words with care Before they … Continue reading Words and Feelings