This body, a shrine of Divine blessings Where love, kindness, and consciousness resides Now they are desecrated by malefic incantations Evoking unnatural desires to unsettle the mind Shrine, once bathed in tranquil and pure flow of life Resembles a drying stream without any clarity Missing relics of the mind fault of vault bearers Sinister plans were thrust upon the subliminal world Divine mantras, once nestled in the mind … Continue reading Transformations

Turning Away

When you turn away, do you have time to collect every little memory In haste, a swivel changes the direction of focus that once meant the world An obsidian space transformed into an undulating terrain of suffering Unprepared heart afflicted by the unnatural turn of events Fate changes in seconds, tremulous feelings weaken the foundation Opposing gazes express the vitiated relationship with a clarion call Ousted from … Continue reading Turning Away