Turning Away

When you turn away, do you have time to collect every little memory

In haste, a swivel changes the direction of focus that once meant the world

An obsidian space transformed into an undulating terrain of suffering

Unprepared heart afflicted by the unnatural turn of events

Fate changes in seconds, tremulous feelings weaken the foundation

Opposing gazes express the vitiated relationship with a clarion call

Ousted from the arena of love and harmony, battlefield ready for histrionics

It takes a moment to quell any uprising of love and reconciliation

When animosity draws borders across two unfriendly hearts ready to duel

Faithful pledges vanish like camphor and leaves a lingering bitter taste

Without the sensitivity, values, and renunciation of memories 

The world looks aggressive, vicious, and armed with self-destructive anger

Combination of negative feelings and ignorance trample on memories©


14 thoughts on “Turning Away

  1. This poem makes one want to keep digging deep to fight the many threats swirling around and through us – your words, “Fate changes in seconds”, gave me a shiver as my thoughts go out to the many parts of the world suffering from recent devastating earthquakes…

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      1. I always do, fortunately you come up in my feed and the few times you did not I went hunting for your work you are truly a talented writer and that is rare


      2. You are extremely rare, few can write with the skill you have, on a regular basis yet I have been reading you for quite a while now and you never disappoint. Shine on my friend xo


      3. That’s reassuring for a writer. I feel writing is never easy and the entire creative process is like a life-long meditation.

        Will try to do my best and just pen down my honest offerings for literature.

        Thank you so much.


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