New Light

Frail sunlight has regained the intensity and glory

Touches life with urgency to lead you out of melancholy

Sun rejoices as merriment returns in the world of drudgery

Today heart arises with new dreams and spring in the step

Enthused feelings rush ahead of you to lead the way

Own voice sounds melodic and is not bored of the narratives

Constant chatter breaks the shackles of enforced silence

Today, the world regains the lost pride from bygone follies

From head to heels, bathed with new enthusiasm and hope

Drowned in ecstasy of undiscovered paths towards eagerness

With gratitude accept the dynamism of this eternal universe©

9 thoughts on “New Light

  1. Love it! And I’m still on the other side.. But working on getting to the new light. After I allow myself to wallow in… (you can’t hear it, maybe, but if this was one of those novels, it would have been followed by, “she said with a nervous laugh” or something like that…) But, wallowing doesn’t help with work so I am snapping out of it. I really love the poem. It is a promise of a better “next”. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much, Anne.

      And I am sure, this Light will lead to peace and happiness. Indulging in this nature’s luxury is always welcome and rejuvenates life. Of course, the nervous laugh will change to jubilant laughter and radiate with, as you have said, “promise of a better “next”. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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      1. Thank you, Amitav. Slowly but surely… 😊 It’s afternoon where I am, if your day is almost over like me, I hope it had been good. Have a lovely evening.

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      2. Always, welcome. 🙂 Yes, slowly but surely, that’s the pace of this Universe. Allow the positive energies to guide you; the right path will allow you passage for sure. 🙂 And I wish that smile stays with you.
        My day has been good, thank you.

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