Thoughts steer your actions and outline the avenues

Envisages the blueprint of a place where you would dwell

Why rush? Allow the mind to travel through the alleys

Paths will cross and lead you to intersections quite often

Not everything will go according to plan, but prepare anyways

Interruptions and distractions, coercive voices will dominate

Settle down and feel the armor of resilience protect you

Introspect and allow the dreams to be nurtured 

Ask for directions from the Universe and trust instincts of soul

Every step is important and will leave confident impressions

The world asks, “Where do you wish to go, traveler?”

Traveler says, “Only making my way to the next destination.”

Sure-footed traveler knows the importance of vision

It’s always a travel through ‘now’ and dreams shall blend with future

Destinations are a stop-over, eternity will guide the journey

Count not the miles, but be prepared for the journey ahead

Passion of an awakened mind will travel with honesty and gratitude©

15 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Title suggests a specific goal or purpose that is deconstructed in the poem. There is derisive tone “why rush” that alternates with caution of alleys, intersections, paths. The armor of resilience with coercive voices shows antiestablishment stance. The means is the end. There is no real destination, it is just a stop over is a nice revelation .

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    1. That is one way of interpreting this poem. May be it does narrate a tone of denial and pillorying the established norms of society/life.

      My take on this is that we are responsible for our actions, which starts with our thoughts. Apart from conformity and the accepted ways of a journey, we at our individual world is also responsible for our consequences. So, to be aware of the coercive voices (which are usually misleading, although we like to go with the flow, in order to blend with society).

      Plan means to be in synchronization with life.

      We indulge impulsively, fully aware of the consequences, yet, we are not prepared to face the consequences and blame people around us for our predicament.

      So often, we pass on our ineptness and weaknesses as a result of immaturity and create an environment of turmoil for future generations.

      We fail to interpret the origin or triggers of these behaviours and wait to treat the consequences.

      The intersections depict the indecisiveness and an aware traveler is more prepared to solve the dilemma or logjam.

      Armor of resilience is more to prepare from the onslaught of unnecessary distractions and evil intentions.

      Destinations as stop-over relates to the continuity of the journey and not become lazy after realizing one dream.

      We ought to take responsibility of our life at an individual level.

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