Synopsis of Lines

Few lines are drawn casually In different directions, demarcating nothing Unworthy marks, defacing spaces Indentations reveal the impact of temperament Every line is unique, illustrates different intensity Feelings of the spirit written in ciphers on aimless lines Indecisive mind ran amok across blank spaces Directions do not coordinate with any sufficient plan Trajectories of unrestrained and dissatisfied mind Few casual lines draw attention to an inner … Continue reading Synopsis of Lines


Serenity reflects from the still waters of a lake One of those profound moments when nature’s meditative Looks inviting, body wishes to unburden the worries Cloaked in ethereal feelings to walk across the lake  Sublime spirit of the day enthralls the soul to experience eternity With nimble steps enter the hallowed world of pure bliss Today, the world has stopped to acknowledge the omniscience Life … Continue reading Reflections