Synopsis of Lines

Few lines are drawn casually

In different directions, demarcating nothing

Unworthy marks, defacing spaces

Indentations reveal the impact of temperament

Every line is unique, illustrates different intensity

Feelings of the spirit written in ciphers on aimless lines

Indecisive mind ran amok across blank spaces

Directions do not coordinate with any sufficient plan

Trajectories of unrestrained and dissatisfied mind

Few casual lines draw attention to an inner turmoil

Life’s synopsis may not always be narrated with words©


6 thoughts on “Synopsis of Lines

    1. Thank you so much, Tiffany.

      I enjoyed writing this, imagined what lines can say. This is just one aspect.

      Reading your thoughts on this, I feel, I succeeded in portraying what I wanted to. Glad, you enjoyed this write.


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