The intertwisted patterns held together with feeble logic Motifs adorn the essence to provide a conspicuous facade Minds accept and endorse the facts that are reiterated Feeble touch feels the appearance through tutored vision Numerous layers of networked designs conceal the truth It’s difficult to manoeuvre sensibly through obdurate reasoning Lone voices fail to summon the few souls that are aware The journey is a solitary one and requires … Continue reading Clarity


I prefer the devoted light of a simple lantern Dazzling lights with excessive brightness obfuscates vision Inspires dreams that are synthetic, induced by devious photons Dancing deliriously to change the patterns of thoughts Light of the lantern is more subtle and immerses calmly Sitting beside a lantern is meditative as its warmth has purity Walking with the lantern to the darkest part to illuminate gracefully There’s … Continue reading Lantern