The intertwisted patterns held together with feeble logic

Motifs adorn the essence to provide a conspicuous facade

Minds accept and endorse the facts that are reiterated

Feeble touch feels the appearance through tutored vision

Numerous layers of networked designs conceal the truth

It’s difficult to manoeuvre sensibly through obdurate reasoning

Lone voices fail to summon the few souls that are aware

The journey is a solitary one and requires immense determination

There’s nothing to flaunt for a self-realized soul with purpose

Earnestly carrying the seeds of true knowledge for posterity

Through the cosmic pathways walks the awakened traveler

Nature will make way for the one who wishes to nurture paradise©

2 thoughts on “Clarity

    1. Taruna, good to hear from you.

      Well, to gain clarity on has to wade through the tumultuous waves of common or mistaken perceptions.

      Solitary journey requires resolve and focus and with self-realization one can gain clarity about existence.

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