This body, a shrine of Divine blessings Where love, kindness, and consciousness resides Now they are desecrated by malefic incantations Evoking unnatural desires to unsettle the mind Shrine, once bathed in tranquil and pure flow of life Resembles a drying stream without any clarity Missing relics of the mind fault of vault bearers Sinister plans were thrust upon the subliminal world Divine mantras, once nestled in the mind … Continue reading Transformations

Turning Away

When you turn away, do you have time to collect every little memory In haste, a swivel changes the direction of focus that once meant the world An obsidian space transformed into an undulating terrain of suffering Unprepared heart afflicted by the unnatural turn of events Fate changes in seconds, tremulous feelings weaken the foundation Opposing gazes express the vitiated relationship with a clarion call Ousted from … Continue reading Turning Away

Being a Writer

Let your writing liberate you. Write with passion to allow your feelings to breathe and enjoy the journey across blank pages.~ Amitav Being a writer is not a choice, when words come to you, begging for attention. It could be a covert understanding between your feelings and words to find the most formidable medium to chronicle the dialogues that occur between your conscious self and … Continue reading Being a Writer

Stirring of Winds

Stirring of winds wakes up the silence There is a sudden awakening from slumber Birds chirp to express the enthusiasm of day Winding, and surreptitiously guiding the morn Convey messages to unknown landscapes The wind will carry the narrative of hope  A new day starts with a prayer of gratitude It all starts with the stirring of winds Illuminated with enthusiasm and merriment © Continue reading Stirring of Winds

Practical Guide to Blog Commenting

The Blogging world and the Online community has some unwritten rules for engaging with fellow bloggers and the correct way of commenting on a post, which can initiate a meaningful exchange of ideas and help appreciate each other’s work. I have written a comprehensive post on this topic – Practical Guide to Blog Commenting  Please ensure that you contribute to this blogging world and value … Continue reading Practical Guide to Blog Commenting


When thoughts are riled by constant distractions Once a silent pool of clarity and blissful reflections Disturbing ripples influence the happiness of life Thinking is a passion for wisdom to gain perspectives It has now become a convoluted mission  Mind’s lethargy is palpable in every action of disruption Frayed nerves sound a discordant note  Phoney remedies and branches to alleviate distress Creates life altering experiences in … Continue reading Deviation


Admiration has blurred for the beholder Infighting has created a vicious environment True intentions lay bare, weakened the promise Instead of regret, only lingers strong indifference Constant lies transformed into lethal rapier Here, wounds are deep and bleed silently The meaning of trust obliterated by apathy Animosity vitiated the blood and weakened life Secrets crawl like termites to destroy foundations Waiting for humane feelings to stabilize existence Hopefully, become … Continue reading Precarious

Words and Feelings

Words behave the way you feel Furtive look of subliminal feelings Influences the soul of messengers Cavorting across the mind for a while Impatience cannot be held for long Waiting to breach the confines Merriment flows with the ink Or, even the melancholic feelings Ambivalence reads mysteriously A mind in pursuit of cosmic secrets Messengers spell spiritual wisdom Nurture the words with care Before they … Continue reading Words and Feelings


The valley takes refuge in darkness After twilight kissed the undulating landscape Cottage light gains significance Flickering flames light up the creaky wooden frames Some light escape playfully through the slits  Inhabitants pacing up and down the stilted floors A misty night waits for a view from verandah Holding a cup between the palm, a warm feeling Runs through the criss-cross lines of life Holding on to … Continue reading Reminiscing