The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience Tempers soar with the ambition to devour the voices of sanity Choices resemble colonies of termites, waiting to damage consciousness It’s an odd predicament of fossilized minds and deep-rooted prejudices Inadvertent indulgences give birth to unwanted theories of existence Camouflaged feelings with … Continue reading The Choices


Oblivious captives of the mind, an irony of life unfolds Words are spoken without care, sheathed in unconscious incisiveness Directions of life go haywire and precariously balanced on edges There’s not enough pure love to nourish the ailing intellects Picking up the strewn crumbs of knowledge and feeding the mind Immature revolts are repulsive as they expose the grotesque thoughts An idea of success is being … Continue reading Oblivious

Pensive Moments

Yesteryear songs interspersed with nostalgic feelings are here Pleadingly wait at the heart’s door that has become feeble with time Once, the moments want to rush in, but the enthusiasm is solemn Retrospective moments may unsettle the present day’s tranquility Evoking the feelings that had decided to hibernate till death arrived Forging a new liaison, as there are walls of the heart bearing ciphers Never were … Continue reading Pensive Moments

Unexpected Feelings

It’s a difficult task tackling the mind traveling over corrugated life Where fate can change unexpectedly given the tumultuous journey Feelings rain over the heart inundating the darkened caverns Never felt before emotions wake up from the sudden breach  Days look dreary when the eyes are dipped in gloomy shade of grey Ashen faces reflect the weakening determination of life’s tenacity Speaking in a monotonous tone … Continue reading Unexpected Feelings


Turn away the vision from negative and exhausting thoughts Do not lose the pristine sparkle that can enlighten a soul An ingenuous heart feels for life and carries a positive message Live in the ecstasy of blissful simplicity to motivate life It is not an achievement to carry the insolent feelings with pride Better learning of life and experiences comes from introspection Develop the eternal … Continue reading Vision


The brain becomes arrogant and foolish when it is time to unlearn When morality becomes the emphasized premise for mortality Undeserving and unnerving thoughts are embraced traditionally Collective uproar and turmoil spill over to threaten common sense Daily dose of potent baloney is injected into the psyche every day Illogical conjectures are the brainchild of the philosophically deprived Manipulations by empty assurances and symbolism are ubiquitous … Continue reading Contemplation

A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate life It’s an insult to consciousness for listening to chaos Look within! If there is hope concealed in any corner Take time to consider the turmoil and control emotions The forehead reflects convoluted ciphers as fate  Bowing down to the perfidious … Continue reading A Destiny

Realizing the Harmony

Realizing the harmony and pondering on the cadence It’s a relief from the agony and plethora of conflicting voices Tired words try to escape the overburdened brain There are constant exchanges of indecisive feelings When speech becomes jarring sounds and torments the tongue Soul wishes to plunge into the depth of nothingness Away from the invited unpleasantness due to uninformed choices A world filled with delirium submerges … Continue reading Realizing the Harmony

True Essence of Life

The Silence is communicating with Life. Surrounded by absolute stillness, the body is absorbed by it. Graceful surrender of life! Life is fluid and flows into an unknown state of existence. It experiences tranquility and eases into a rhythm of the secret dimension of Universe. With every subtle movement, life changes course and tributaries of consciousness flow towards it. The purity and clarity attract the … Continue reading True Essence of Life