It starts with a simple pledge to be truthful to a journey

Along the way, painstakingly collecting memorabilia 

Simple needs transform into desires, progressively

Somewhere, the collected memories and moments lay idle

Failing consciousness of the minute details of the heart

In the rush, there is no time to trace the silent contours 

Pupils dilate to accommodate the rich desires of this world

Vision turns away from the finer details of a humble soul

Assumptions emphasize the precincts of life’s perspectives

Fleeing from the self to join the world designed for pace

Without cognizance, life urges the heart to rush and compete

Light cannot save life from the fortified dark caverns

Weakening intellect and frail constitution of existence

Always, a simple journey takes detours to complications©


4 thoughts on “Turns

  1. This is so true…it is so hard to be in the moment, fully and see it, feel it, appreciate it… I am trying to consciously dlow things down and take them in but its hard with such a busy life. ‘ fleeing from the self to join a world designed for pace’ – i fight against that constantly…

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    1. True, it does take conscious flow of life and to reach and to remain in that heightened sense of realization is not an easy process. But as life proceeds, with practice, one can achieve with more deeper self-realization.


  2. Memories that we cherish do cease to amaze us over a period of time as we digress from being the simple soul that once inhabited our bodies, dreaming small dreams, living in minute moments of joy!

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    1. I agree with you. We yearn to expand our world. Dreams and the path to realize them is always a traveler’s destiny, but it should be with a conscious mind. Unknowing can be our undoing.


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