Increasingly the days are perturbed by commotion

Hurling expletives from the core of an unsettled heart

Significance of the day is relegated to mere opportunism

Events experience a swift metamorphosis from sleepless nights

A sudden swerve of the path penetrate through sombre days

Busy travelers deciphering the inverted images of life

Sky looks forlorn and expands the hues of resentment

Once, golden moments beckoned hearts to express gratitude

From dawn to dusk, the convoluted patterns rule

Life’s effervescence drifts away with the receding harmony

Diabolical decrees have ensured unwavering surrender

Day’s afflictions weaken the foundation of existence

Harmony of a different tune is being played to beguile listeners©


8 thoughts on “Days

  1. It reminds me of Autumn…basis for my recent one…beautiful word pictures, as always 🙂 x and yes, lots of lovely outdoors fun with my daughters for a few days and then alone with my lover for a few…feeling refreshed…

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