Feeble Thoughts

Subservient thoughts prepare to live a coward’s life Always eager to conform and descend to apologize Safety of being in a crowd of similar ideas is an illusion Pursuing diligently out of fear of being reprimanded Individuality, a submissive word amidst imitations Flattery is utmost buffoonery to be the cynosure   Openly scorning the truth and imbibing platitudes With impudence manipulating the freedom of intellect Always eager … Continue reading Feeble Thoughts


When promises are funneled through wide mouths and narrow minds Most of the essence is lost in transit and remnants trickle down tediously When senses claim to comprehend the aftertaste, leaving a pungent taste Every trickle holds the impermanence and frivolousness of feeble ideas Uncomfortable with the self, an existence lay scattered all over the places Picking bits and pieces of ideas and coagulating them to seal … Continue reading Promises

Drops of Water

Drops of water somersaulting from the ledge Playfulness reflects from their sheer enthusiasm Landing on the ground and getting lost in the crowd Cohesively creating a miniature pool to reflect life Infrequently visited alley gives a hint of glimmer Freshly soaked building walls emote through crevices Blemishes, cracks, and chipped edges feel refreshed The acrobatics of water drops continues to amuse From the other side of … Continue reading Drops of Water