Drops of Water

Drops of water somersaulting from the ledge

Playfulness reflects from their sheer enthusiasm

Landing on the ground and getting lost in the crowd

Cohesively creating a miniature pool to reflect life

Infrequently visited alley gives a hint of glimmer

Freshly soaked building walls emote through crevices

Blemishes, cracks, and chipped edges feel refreshed

The acrobatics of water drops continues to amuse

From the other side of life, window gains significance

Silence dancing to the faint tunes of fluid movements

So many reflections of life flash through the mind

Simple drops of water can revive forgotten memories©


10 thoughts on “Drops of Water

    1. Writing, especially poetry, is about capturing the subtle things from life; observations with vivid imagination, combined with metaphors creates a write. 🙂
      More you observe the little things from life, you will be amazed.
      Happy, that you liked this write.


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