Feeble Thoughts

Subservient thoughts prepare to live a coward’s life

Always eager to conform and descend to apologize

Safety of being in a crowd of similar ideas is an illusion

Pursuing diligently out of fear of being reprimanded

Individuality, a submissive word amidst imitations

Flattery is utmost buffoonery to be the cynosure  

Openly scorning the truth and imbibing platitudes

With impudence manipulating the freedom of intellect

Always eager and anxious to follow the edicts 

With ulterior motives, intersecting through essence of life

Abuses have been transformed into various euphemisms

Stifling with the embraced thoughts for mere survival

Huffing and puffing from the rigmarole of immature minds

Cowards are the preferred, ones who do not challenge

Parched islands will be fragmented and eventually crumble

Sink without a trace and dilute the profoundness of life©

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