Sky is the most beautiful canvas for paradise dwellers

Changing its appearance according to the mood of a day

Sometimes a blank canvas with azure stillness

Dawn and dusk generously celebrate blazing brilliance

This canvas exists with the memoirs of ancient folklores

Many interpretations as this blank space evoke creativity

Ideas take formations when looking at it with idleness

Considered to be an eternal portal to enter other worlds

Such varied character of this canvas enthralls everyone

Seeking blessings and sometimes cowering due to its rage

Streaks of ominous lights warn the errant minds

Also inspires dreams with expressive display of stars

Soulmates connecting the patterns to form eternal hearts

Galaxies shower wishes for pure souls with love and grace

This is the ultimate entertainment as the sky is forever©

22 thoughts on “Sky

      1. Lovely, this how creativity becomes bigger. We are just messengers to give voice and different expressions to those inspirations. And, I thank her for this phrase, which opens up the sky from new dimensions.

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    1. Thank you so much, Aline. Sometimes, it’s difficult to interpret the sky. There are so many thoughts that cross the mind and at the same time holds a mystery in that vastness. And since you mentioned Baudelaire, let me quote him, “The sky, a lofty altar, lovely in the gloom”. 🙂

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