Don’t hide the heart from the Sun

Sometimes mind can be wayward in its journey

Intoxicated by the pessimistic mantras  

Deprived of happy feelings, heart becomes indolent 

Intrigued by  the echoes from a hollow heart

Infirm hands struggle to reach out to embrace positivity

Negativity untiringly cascades to deluge hope

It’s fatiguing to keep breathing in submerged life

Sun’s intensity is not enough to wean away copious tears

Furtive glances at life miss the dreams and opportunities

Brightness becomes many shades lighter

Ashen face willingly seeks to engage with deviant nights

Gloomy stories narrated become typical memoirs

Biggest fallacy is to be one’s own adversary

When the world around seeks to propagate cynicism

Greatest failure of existence is deeply rooted in the psyche

It’s a challenge to severe ties from indoctrinations

Foundations are to be laid with strong resolve 

Change the direction of life towards meaningful perseverance

Allow the Sun to intrude and let the mind be illuminated©

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