Restrain the conflagration of pseudo-knowledge

Consciousness is inadequate to control an Inferno

Briny tears will not be enough to appease the rage

Propitiate the eternal source which blesses life

Every micro detail is being chronicled in records

Ideas to subjugate life according to deviant ideas

Meager hearts cannot pay obeisance to Truth

Life is a blessing and radiates with soul’s awakening

Eagerly know thyself by relinquishing the ‘I’©


2 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. So appealing n connecting Amitav ! The truth is dissected to the micro details possible ! Nothing will work really when everything is being chronicled , the light at the end of the tunnel depends on the investment made into the record book! Happiness be to All !

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    1. Thank you so much.

      The Truth is at the same time micro and as well as unfathomable as the eternal consciousness is immense and non-quantifiable. As consciousness expands, the Truth becomes clearer. When everyone talks about the Truth, one may question it. Every particle/atom holds the essence of life and to be aware of that truth one has to move beyond the ‘I’ and accept the self as a reality born of the universe’s consciousness. Every Karma is being recorded/chronicled and bears consequences.

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