A Journey

Unveil the new day Rhapsodic lights are luring Bright orb dazzles with pride Night nestled in memory Dreams blessed a new fate Warm embrace of hope Potent mind urges a traveler New paths wait Sweetness of fresh dew Satiates the soul Pilgrim of infinite love Vows to rejuvenate the world Bathed in contentment Let the journey begin© Continue reading A Journey

True Expressions

The viscosity of the words expressed degree of inner turmoil Truthful feelings were never taken seriously, only refuge, a pool Where, every day the heart would want to visit and reminisce Reflections gave some indications that contradicted prevailing reality Vigorously churning and thickening with resentment  The denseness of life seems to have stalled the flow to a tedious journey Deficient thoughts gossip to make the … Continue reading True Expressions


Walls are colored but look desolate Staring at the sedentary traveler with insensitive eyes Many anecdotes covered with layers of paint Between the walls, there is no sense of pace of this world Desire to nurture dreams within the limits Flying with mechanical wings causes turbulence Again, back to the boundaries of walls to put a lid on life Roof obstructs the sky to express a magical … Continue reading Walls