True Expressions

The viscosity of the words expressed degree of inner turmoil

Truthful feelings were never taken seriously, only refuge, a pool

Where, every day the heart would want to visit and reminisce

Reflections gave some indications that contradicted prevailing reality

Vigorously churning and thickening with resentment 

The denseness of life seems to have stalled the flow to a tedious journey

Deficient thoughts gossip to make the mind wary and delirious

Reflection from the pool never fades away among the confusion

It’s time to delve deeper and unsettle the dormant true feeling

Hoping, the ripples will break barriers of undeserving thoughts

Expand the world’s consciousness to allow life to prosper

Words will be worthy emissaries, chosen carefully to express freedom

Desire to flow freely with unique harmony of the universe’s dreams©

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