Writing and a Writer

Intense communication in solitude gives birth to good literature.  ~Amitav As a writer, it is easy to fall into the lure of ‘likeability’. Trying to endear oneself to every mind possible, is an attempt to reach out to more readers to create an atmosphere of bonhomie between a writer and reader. There’s nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to everyone, but one should not … Continue reading Writing and a Writer

Not with Time

There’s a feeling to crack the resilience of time Painfully devours many desires and dreams  Its rapacious nature is not hidden from the world Constantly working to misguide with an illusion Pushing life prematurely towards unwanted destinations Obsession with time and adhering to schedules When heart seeks the assurance of surprises from transience Vulgar display of subservience to eke out dreams Losing relevance every day, … Continue reading Not with Time