Writing and a Writer

Intense communication in solitude gives birth to good literature.  ~Amitav

As a writer, it is easy to fall into the lure of ‘likeability’. Trying to endear oneself to every mind possible, is an attempt to reach out to more readers to create an atmosphere of bonhomie between a writer and reader.

There’s nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to everyone, but one should not customize their writing/literature to create that extra space to accommodate more minds to read the work.

As a writer, it should be an honest endeavor to establish the genre of work which will do justice to the legacy of classical literature. The fact that they have survived over the ages and are part of an indispensable collection in any reputable library across the world, speak volumes of their importance and depth of character.

The dream, as a writer, to get published and be widely read, with a record sale of the published books should be a distant dream. Like a baby starts walking to find a balance to walk confidently, a writer’s desire should be to hone ‘writing skills’ and create a formidable foundation which has depth.

From this preparation, quality work of literature will continue to flow; slowly but surely, such honest narrations can become the publisher’s cynosure and readers will be supportive all the way.

It is important for any writer, one who dreams of making their work ‘robust’ and ‘intense’, so, they remain relevant for years to come.

Breathe authentic feelings and bathe them in ‘sincere ink’.

A writer should not be afraid of a solitary existence and prepare to delve deeper into the depths of literature. Patience to study the finer details of life and understanding the characteristics of human consciousness helps create characters for any genre of literature. Throughout the ages, from ‘Old English Literature’ to the ‘Contemporary English Literature’, it is the writer’s responsibility to be sincere messengers to be truthful to the rich legacy of literature.

Literature survived the ages and influences of society and also the bizarre attempts to modernize just for the sake of doing it, often compromising with quality.

Exemplary creative skills, with the help of worthy wordsmiths, the immense world of literature wait with open arms; their prime agenda is writing, without focusing on the many routes leading to publishing houses.

Any work of literature has the potential of becoming a classic and can become the indispensable collection in many libraries.

Writing requires full-time effort, without the unnecessary distractions; almost living the life of a heretic in a mystical world. It is a well thought of indulgence to contribute to a greater cause and writing sincerely becomes a habit. Every day, the words start flowing; the pen and ink become trusted companions for life.

A writer should be humble in the pursuit of knowledge but the literature should read extravagant, magnanimous, and shine with the love of extraordinary knowledge.

Writing for the cause of literature and being loyal to the Muse will surely bestow that brilliance to allow the mind to wander to seek beyond the many unsettled worlds of words, without the inhibitions of society.

Writer’s genetic code should emboss the word ‘honesty’ and ‘creativity’ on the mind and heart. Gathering original ideas requires immense resolve and is certainly not the journey for someone who is in a hurry to conquer the publishing world. Patience is always a virtue.

Each word from the writer should stimulate the minds of eager readers to come up with new thoughts and lay the initial foundation to add impressive literature standings for the future generation to benefit from them.

Start with a pledge to restrict any whimsical thoughts ushering undesirable changes which have the potential to create havoc in the literary world.

Although it is said, “a writer loses grip on the work” as they are now in the reader’s domain and will develop many facets according to their interpretations.

The core sentiments which create the pulsating and vibrant work of literature can never be eroded and readers will finally walk a parallel path with the writer. They may not meet, but the interaction along the way will help the reader to reach the right destination.

As a writer, keep wielding the pen with confidence and let it be the epicenter from where ripples of knowledge and creativity awaken many minds to urge the readers to choose quality literature, to join the esteemed legacy.

31 thoughts on “Writing and a Writer

      1. That’s not an issue i just like the way you write and nominated!I read all your posts and sometimes wonder how could you get such words!!amazing writings 🙂 and love them Yes ofcourse you don’t need any award because any award is small for your poetry♥🙂

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      2. Thank you for understanding.

        Actually, this writing is a strenuous process. Every day, it’s a new challenge. But when I decided to write seriously, I knew the consequences that I will face in the creative journey.

        Your words and support from readers like you keeps me going. I hope I can continue to write. 🙂

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      3. Well i take the great pleasure to discovet your blog.Some of the words really inspire and i can’t express how much i see your posts..i mean it🙂Happy blogging and keep going

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  1. You know Amitav.. I love to read your posts since I always learn new words that I can use on my own blog. You inspire me. My mother tongue is not English and sometimes you write really deeply and I cannot interpret the meaning of your thoughts. However, I must say that I like the way you express yourself when you write but sometimes I don’t know what to say because I cannot speak as deeply as you and end up just liking your posts. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Roberta.

      Well, writing has been an ongoing learning for me. It happened, but I had to continuously learn and re-learn along the way. It is an ongoing process.

      Reading is the most effective way and also to pen down thoughts that come to mind. As you know, I do not plan my posts, I write as and when a topic or feeling(s) come to my mind.

      I completely understand about the commenting part, sometimes even I do not have words to express myself when I read a wonderful piece written by a blogger/author. 🙂

      I appreciate you share my posts on your blogs for readers/followers, that’s very kind of you.

      Best wishes to you and do keep writing. ❤️

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  2. Everything is so true and worth following and this line :”Writer’s genetic code should emboss the word ‘honesty’ and ‘creativity’ on the mind and heart.” ❤ ^_^

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  3. You know what I just love to read your posts… They are exquisite and a wonderful to treat to read….. This posts all shows how sagacious and humble you are….
    Writer’s genetic code should emboss the word ‘honesty’ and ‘creativity’ on the mind and heart.
    This quote of yours tells that you love to write not to because you dream of success but because you find solace and peace in writing…..

    This posts inspires every writer whose companion is writing….
    A solemn yet jubilant post

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    1. Thank you so much. It really means a lot.

      Writing, or any other Art, it is important to bean eager learner and without being complacent.

      Honesty and humility is the only mantra that will ensure, a writer stays on the path of creativity and pursue it with diligence.

      The reward is the satisfaction, contentment in creating a story which will be remembered for long. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Maria.

      I agree, Art should be universal and also the desire to relentlessly working towards it to improve every day. Sure is, writing is not easy and a writer has to find that space to remain motivated.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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  4. I always enjoy reading the sublime union of your thoughts and words. The ink that flows from your pen is a perfect blend of knowledge, language, thoughts and integrity.

    ” A writer should be humble in the pursuit of knowledge but the literature should read extravagant, magnanimous, and shine with the love of extraordinary knowledge.”

    Your writings so perfectly portray this ! A wonderful read for all aspiring writers Amitav!

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    1. Thank you so much, Radhika.

      When I make a transition from a writer to reader, I always wish to read literature that will inspire me. 🙂
      And this journey as a writer is not an easy one, but requires integrity and will to improve skills to contribute meaningfully. I am amazed with the new things which I learn every day, which helps me grow as a writer. I feel, as a writer, I have to keep traveling and wish to find the words which can survive time.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, always a pleasure. 🙂

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  5. Brilliant Amitav. You made a clear distinction between A legend and A mediocre.
    Not only you articulate so well, but the quality of your content has also always been at its peak.
    That is why I am glad that I found your place as one of my reading spots. 🙂
    My favorite of this post is – Breathe authentic feelings and bathe them in ‘sincere ink’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.

      Well, more than emphasizing a distinction, it is a honest portrayal to show a writer’s journey which can be rewarding.

      It’s more to do with patience and being authentic in storytelling and honoring the language in which it is narrated.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it is appreciated. 🙂

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  6. Your writing is so fluent and calming for me to read, but I totally agree with you that any work of literature has the potential to become a classic. Especially after the writer dies, as is the case with a lot of classic literature. It’s a bit morbid, but it’s what you sign up for as a writer I guess!

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    1. Thank you so much.

      Importantly, you identified the essence of this write. A writer has the responsibility to contribute to literature and it is a skill if well utilized, can be a satisfying journey.

      As for work becoming classics, that’s a latter story. Classics are our guidance in this journey. Well written literature is also widely read, and as I said, will inspire minds of readers in a positive way.

      The journey of a writer is to write and write even more.


    1. Thank you so much.

      Yes, reading is like a conversation with the writer and also a journey with words as messengers . ‘Sincere ink’ flows to realize new dimensions of life. It has to be well worth the effort. Storytelling is an art, and every story a revelation.

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