A feeble voice said, “Hello”

Thus spoke an unknown entity

Unaware of the presence

Searching for the source

In reflections of the voice 

Trying to decipher the waves

Unknown frequency

Rhythm feels familiar

Lost among dissonance

A simple greeting baffles

Sifting through memories

Maybe, chance upon a clue

Mind peeps and then leaps

Challenging life’s boundaries

Eager to meet the unknown

Life of contradictions

Mirroring mass consciousness

Everything was fun

Liberty without a cause

Freedom a counterfeit word

None wants responsibility

Turpitude transforms the essence

Life curves and twists

Knots itself in devious adventures

A feeble “Hello” wakes up a mind

For a chance to introspect

Within, a world is neglected

A brave face cannot hide weaknesses

Weak foundations crumble

Life has it’s depth

When it echoes the truth©

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