There weren’t any eager listeners

It did not stop the heart from narrating the feelings emphatically

Sure, no soul is going to pass by or knock

Door won’t swivel back and forth

Silence is here to stay as unknown voices will not interrupt

The world is busy exchanging perspectives

Sometimes trading the most vociferous and lucrative ones

Attitude do not perplex anymore 

Complex behaviour is more of a decoy to allure the listeners

Here, the stillness is profound

Connecting with prospective opinionated ones is not a choice

Serenity in the eyes reflects depth

Life flows with tranquillity, imitating the ancient rivers of knowledge

Opinions not precariously balanced

Awakening of the soul diminishes the diabolical overtures to life

Words reverberate with clarity

Truth surges forward as the mind becomes aware of life’s infiniteness

Only listeners comprehend the meaning©


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