Amazed! The judgement to accomplish such designs Honoured must be the scribe who recorded the plan Even the minutest details have symmetrical facets Infinite appearances are a manifestation of cosmic perception Aligned to the existence that is vibrant and inspiring An experience of life is one of the dimensions of omniscient plan Feel the harmony and realise the Divine desire of existence Colors of this … Continue reading Designs

Fade Away

Memories fade along with the forgotten shadows An unwritten consensus to walk off hand in hand All activities pause to prepare an unknown journey There are no conclusions only vague interpretations Fate treads past many hindrances and delusions Original dreams are coercively locked in a vault Staring strenuously at the unnatural hues of life Synthetic dyes are infused in dreams and ambitions Eerie feelings dance enthusiastically … Continue reading Fade Away


Mind stoops without the consent of life Flailing frantically, for thoughts have been adulterated Eyes try to keep the vision above rising commotion Heads resemble stone carvings, without any emotions Staring hard at life and trying to penetrate incomprehension Routes planned for the bipedal travelers stripped of identity Sweltering weather and dust winds blur the vision Excessive heat trying to escape the trap, resembling molten mirror … Continue reading Mind