Unsettled thoughts move from here to there

Looking to carve out a space to find some succour

There’s sudden urgency to be away from the rush

When it is a choice to find commonality 

Iconoclastic ideas are considered unwanted obtrusions

Being conspicuous among mundanity is a choice

Fatigue has become a constant companion

Trying to imbibe the accepted routines in behaviour

Obtuse morality is a threat to progressive existence

Decrees falling into the dark abysses of loopholes

Inadequate intellect holds on to the feeble perceptions

Churning them in the mind to regurgitate at will

There is no escape from the sentiments of turmoil within

Running away from life now and then is not a choice

Experiencing life with reluctance is detrimental

A beautiful mind and soul are always burdened 

Searching for contentment appears to be a grand illusion

Waking up from the unnatural slumber requires will

Life’s realisation can settle the ongoing conundrum©

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