Faces and Narratives

Walking through the crowd, greeted by sallow faces

Brightness of a new day does not reflect from the eyes

Morning clarity is only a solemn reminder but overlooked

Possible that sleep may not have had a chance to visit

Scrutinizing intensely the life spent without any purpose

Life leans and casts an elongated shadow on the future

The Sun is perceived to be an intruder and light is abhorred

There isn’t any mantra to becalm the widespread palpitations

Insecurities of miniature worlds are amplified in a crowd

When consciousness fails to grasp the meaning of life

A reminder from the faces deeply concerns the solitary one

Narrating stories from the heart with the eyes

Mostly that gaze will be lost in the throng of rush-hour

Morning air already feels heavy from the sighs

Faces do remind of the confrontations that are real©

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