A Worthy Journey

When objects become subjects Imagination intersects many conventions Drawing inspiration from infinite Where reality and surreality intersect That space becomes amplified Consciousness surpasses all boundaries Galloping like a stallion  Imaginations are to be wild Poetic fervor in not for faint-hearted Without being self-destructive Believing in eternity Striving to go beyond the purlieu of perceptions It’s a task, sifting through unwanted ideas To establish original ideas … Continue reading A Worthy Journey

Introspective Journey

Born with the eternal desire to vanquish Carry forward the legacy of feud between thoughts Established, and with steely resilience pierces the mind Piqued existence is a dormant volcano waiting to erupt Deceptive waves of life carry the souls to coarse shores Every particle of nature acts as a sandpaper Abrasive surfaces on the skin become resistant to healing Natural desires wrinkle and happiness hides within … Continue reading Introspective Journey