A Worthy Journey

When objects become subjects

Imagination intersects many conventions

Drawing inspiration from infinite

Where reality and surreality intersect

That space becomes amplified

Consciousness surpasses all boundaries

Galloping like a stallion 

Imaginations are to be wild

Poetic fervor in not for faint-hearted

Without being self-destructive

Believing in eternity

Striving to go beyond the purlieu of perceptions

It’s a task, sifting through unwanted ideas

To establish original ideas emphatically

There are detractors

Conspiracy of the weak intellectuals

Surviving on repetitions and imitations

Comparisons and careful connections

It’s a matrix of frivolity

Extricating the mind from numerous hindrances

Proves to be an arduous journey

Believe in the subliminal

Flow with the waves of awakened realities

Instead of explanations

There is a task to plant the seeds of knowledge

Wait patiently for them to germinate

Take root to create a new ecosystem

Knowledge of levitating consciousness

Always shines brighter

Disengaged and solitary is a poetic journey

Difficult to fathom the soul

Every particle becomes an inspiration

Cosmic knowledge embedded

In the elements of nature

Poetry is a subject of introspection

A worthy journey indeed©

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