Cities are transforming into islands

Creating unique identities and micro cultures

Drifting away and trying to form archipelagos

But, that emotional essence of original culture flows silently

Manicured landscapes and modern designs paved way for life

Everything executed clinically after improvising grotesquely 

Most of the structures and sentiments are incongruous with life

Those little gaps between islands look like mere slits from aerial view

Yet, on closer look, they appear monstrous rifts with deep abysses

 All along trying to appease nature with a modified code of life

Sun’s halo becomes brighter and harsher because of mortal deviations

Radiates displeasure and anger due to the numerous indiscretions

When communications are laced with vitriolic sentiments 

Spitting gasoline to enrage the fire of resentment in the heats

Artificial beautifications are distractions to restore nude facades

Archipelagos disrupt the tranquility of the free flowing life

Desolate life carrying the shadows of indecisiveness and choices

Driven by the designed algorithms and going berserk with trends

Foolishly proclaiming the progressive dreams which are true nemesis©

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