Benevolence of Rains

Rains comb through the entangled emotions

Trying to soothe the frazzled nerves with assurance

Entire landscape shriveled up with intentional busyness

Wonder, where the rains must have traveled from

Gathering every little drop to impregnate the clouds

Woes of life are persuaded to flow away and cleanse the soul

Grey clouds may have an unsmiling demeanor

Soul carries the message to provide relief in earnest

Negative sentiments provoke nature to salvage pride of life

Drown the enemies within us gnawing away conscience

Expectations and regrets become constant companions

Sordid dreams take existence to a pseudo exalted state

While reminiscing, parched fate seeks intervention of rains

Disentangled from the clutches of silent antagonists

Prayers are heard to shower life with hope and love

Desires of enemies and the hidden nemesis recede

The glint of hope from clouds edges will usher light©


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