Lured Away

The stubborn perfume of indiscretion lingers on for too long

There is no respite from the usual sprinkling of the same fate

Sensitive nerve points become numb from the strong aroma

Senses have been lured to welcome the impending desires

Unaware, that paradise is encroached by irreconcilable poison ivy

Of unknown species and mutations by the devilish soul

Experimental digressions have surpassed the original code of ethics

Consciousness clouded by the dense substance of wicked concoctions

Turning the wheels of time and creating a mentalist illusion 

No wonder the perfume has the freedom to permeate every soul

Migration with a sense of digression is misleading the journey

Machinations of heinous minds will ensure more potent perfumes©

21 thoughts on “Lured Away

  1. Well I do like this perhaps fiesta side of yours come to acknowledging the prevailing evil.. as I do feel that the light is best found when the dark has been suffered a little…


  2. I like this one a lot.. perhaps partially because I understand the words. Sometimes, I have to google for definitions when I read your awesome works. You stretch my mind, always. I’m just curious, in your mind, what is or are the perfume/s?


    1. Ha ha ha… I am sitting here and cannot stop laughing. Well, wish I could figure out what goes on in this insane world in my mind. I guess the words come to me or visit me, knocking at my door so I can befriend them. 😀

      Always a pleasure to read your comments.

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      1. Fantastic! I’ll stick to my water (boiled), preferably hot, and green tea. Would that work? 🙂 I really appreciate you. You stimulate my mind, you extend your support and you encourage me. Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Really appreciate that you thought of nominating me for this blogging award.

      I am sorry to say, I kept this blog ‘Award Free’ details here- (

      I usually do not process blogging awards or take part in blogging Challenges. Hope you will understand.

      Your kind words of appreciation and taking time to read my work is a precious award for me.

      My best wishes to you. Have a great day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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