Day’s Reaction

How do you expect the days to react when tormented? Existence is being explained but turns out to be a harangue A harassed day with multitude of indiscretions shakes rickety foundations Rudimentary thoughts have not yet been intellectually influenced More fears and implicit criticisms of life run through a day vigorously Partially restrained days bear a pallid character of weakening philosophies There are places, yet life … Continue reading Day’s Reaction

Paths and Deviations

The untended feelings of the heart often threaten paradise Wilting flowers just being a bud will not be allowed to bloom Colors will fade away for being in the darkness for too long What good is a flower if it cannot share the aromatic soul? Fate of a heart becomes taciturn and life becomes spiritless Holding on to the platitudes, for conformity is the choice Wrongful and … Continue reading Paths and Deviations