Day’s Reaction

How do you expect the days to react when tormented?

Existence is being explained but turns out to be a harangue

A harassed day with multitude of indiscretions shakes rickety foundations

Rudimentary thoughts have not yet been intellectually influenced

More fears and implicit criticisms of life run through a day vigorously

Partially restrained days bear a pallid character of weakening philosophies

There are places, yet life feels displaced from the true comfort of knowledge

An oppressed day carrying the burden of excessive remorse being expressed

Fundamental flaws are magnified from the acute behavioral changes

Weakness always ridicules, a defense mechanism against wisdom and logic

Irony, the jibes stab the facade and rips off the mask, unraveling character

It’s expected that a day will react the way it is treated by the dwellers

Fate is not a chance but a series of choices that takes life into confidence©


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